Contributions and Source of Funds 



The ASMC Foundation is funded primarily by gifts from manufacturers, sales agencies, and individuals. Gifts and contributions from persons who have made a living from the food industry provide a return to the industry that allowed them to prosper and assist future generations to continue their legacy.


Contributions are made into the general fund of the Foundation and are used for research, training, and educational activities of the Foundation. Persons interested in making a contribution can fill out this contribution form.



When the Foundation undertakes a study, the cost of the research is often partially offset by charges for the printed publications. These revenues go into the general fund of the Foundation.


Fund for Broker Advancement:

The food industry, through the efforts of the National Food Brokers Associates and the National Food Brokers Education and Training Foundation, established a long-term funding program utilizing life-insurance contracts on various industry members to perpetuate the mission of the Foundation. Manufacturers, Sales and Marketing Agencies, and Individuals purchased fully paid whole-life policies on designated individuals that will generate legacies of over $2 million in proceeds by naming the Foundation as the beneficiary. Parties interested in making similar contributions are encouraged to contact the Foundation's Secretary/Treasurer.